Bowling Alley Salvation

Joseph, Jen, Tim and Will Lima, Peru – Late last night after a full day of meetings we came back to our hotel in Lima.  Joseph, our Peruvian man on the ground who has set everything up and translated for us digs into his pocket and pulls out his cell.   He starts talking Spanish and laughs and hangs up.  He looks at us and says, "That was a friend of mine who asked me if my uncle in Pucallpa was still a shaman."  We look at Joseph puzzled and ask, "Why does your friend need a shaman?"  Joseph then sucks in air in preparation to tell the story in one breath.

"Well my friend has a friend who owns a bowling alley near by and she found some witchcraft at her business.  When I say witchcraft, I mean there was a mutilated cat and some other things arrange around in obvious ways that someone has cursed her.  Since she found these things her business has closed.  She has taken ill.  And most of her friends have abandoned her.  She went to a local witchdoctor and they say there is nothing anyone can do for her… and that she will probably die this week.  She is very afraid.  So they want to go to Pucallpa and see my uncle who is a shaman."

"How far away is this bowling alley?" we ask inquisitively.

"About 1-minute walk." Joseph already knows what we are thinking and says, "I'll make the call."

Within a minute we are on our way to the alley, not knowing what we are walking into, but confident that God is going to do something great. (This is where your prayers have helped so much.  We could certainly feel the prayers of many as covering us and preparing the way as we set off for the bowling alley.  This all occurred at 7:40PM-9:20PM EST on 2-10-09.)

A larger man meets us on a corner and Joseph introduces us.  We are lead down a dark parking ramp and to a small opening in the steel bars.  We climb through.  Faint neon lights illuminate the parking garage then it opens up into a bar and we see the bowling alley.  It is empty and quiet. A young woman sits in a chair and walks about nervously trying not to show it.  Joseph introduces us. "This is Jen. Jen, this is Tim and Will."

"Mucho Gusto." We respond.

After a quick greeting we walk slowly to the bowling lanes.  The lanes are old and dilapidated.  Bowling balls lay loosely around and haphazard construction make the place feel condemned.  We are sure Jen feels the same way.

We ask Jen if we can pray for her.  She agrees, not know what will happen.  But before we pray we explain to her we do not pray in the name of a little demon, or a god of the forest, or sun, or anything that is of the earth, but that we pray in the name above all names.  The name of the King of Kings.  The name of the Son of God.  The name of Jesus.  She understands and nods her head.  We begin to pray.  We rebuke the demonic spirits and they flee.  We rebuke all fear and worry from her mind and it goes.  The Lord gives words of knowledge over Jen and she weeps.  We finish and then we ask.  "Do you see that the Lord is real?"


We then tell Jen about forgiveness of sins in Him.  The cross, the blood, the new life.  More tears.  Then we ask if she is ready to believe in Christ and invite Him to live inside of her.  She is ready.  A new birth happens right there in the pale lights of the bowling alley.

Jen speaks in Spanish and Joseph translates.  "She says she can feel no more weight or worry.  She feels peace and she could feel it as we prayed for her.  She says it's like a light has come inside of her."  Jen is shocked and overjoyed.  Happy to be rid of the witchcraft.  Happy to have healing.  Happy to have Jesus as her Lord.

We share more about church and Joseph tells her the next steps that he will help her with.  Life has begun in Him.

We have all experienced the power of God in similar ways and it is marvelous to see the power of the Holy Spirit work.  Please pray for our next journeys to the south and may the Lord bring more opportunities everyday.

In Him,

Tim and Will