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In the year of 1545, a mountain full of silver is discovered in Bolivia and the world is never the same again. As the decades pass, the city of Potosi and the mountain known as Cerro Rico (Rich Mountain) become the breadbasket of the Spanish Empire. From 1545 until modern times, tens of millions of laborers are sent into the dark mines of Cerro Rico to extract its riches and millions of these laborers die. Air shortages, collapses and noxious gases make this mountain of death the world’s most dangerous mine and shockingly it’s still in operation today.

When Tim and Will arrive in Potosi they immediately embark on a mission to the miners of Cerro Rico, but this won’t be an easy task. They quickly realize that dynamite explosions, cave-ins and suffocating dust-filled air will make entry into Cerro Rico one of their most dangerous missions to date. As they press on, day after day, they learn about the lives of the miners and form friendships with each worker. Ultimately they are able to share the message of the gospel and be a light in the darkness. 

Mountain of Death is a visceral journey into the depths of the earth and a series that highlights a violent festival, ancient practices and a forgotten part of history.

What you'll receive: Digital Download 3 Episodes Presented in HD.