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Looking Back: The Journey to Papua New Guinea

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The constant travel of missionary life can make things seem like you are running in every direction, but in this episodes Tim and Will run in reverse. From Papua New Guinea to Thailand this unqiue show will take you through a month long journey...backwards!

The Beginning of a Journey (SE101)

[vimeo=17735765] See how the amazing journey of Travel the Road began, as missionaries Tim Scott and Will Decker travel to far corners of the earth, remote villages and unreached people to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ever wonder why Tim began the journey? How did Will become involved? Find out the answers in the first episode. It's a journey that will inspire, educate and amaze.

Terrors of the Night: Afghanistan - Part II (SE213)

[vimeo=15022787] In the war zone of Afghanistan, Tim and Will have been carrying out the ministry of presence with the U. S. Military. Tensions mount and security tightens as the National Day Parade approaches. The threat of car bombs increases, along with the risk of assassination for the nation's President. Now Tim and Will are invited to accompany the military on a dangerous night mission, to patrol for car bombs and the suspected Taliban warlord. It's a powerful look into the dangerous life of the military and the sacrifice they make to serve their country and defend freedom.

The Storm: Gobi Desert (SE208)

[vimeo=15014233] For the first time, Tim and Will enter Mongolia to the coldest capital in the world. Here they meet up with Christian contacts and an interpreter to guide them through the desert. Tim and Will move along the plains of Mongolia, preaching the message of the Gospel and proclaiming God's great love to families and villages who warmly welcome them. When a fierce blizzard moves in, they become stranded in a life-threatening storm.

Scouting Mission: China North To South (SE207)

[vimeo=14992949] Tim and Will leave Tibet to begin a scouting mission through  China. First they travel north near the Russian border, where the temperatures are a freezing -40 degrees. Heading south, Tim and Will approach the North Korean border, longing for the day when the country's doors will be open to the Gospel. Visiting the capital of Beijing, Chinese police closely monitor the two and enforce a "no photo" policy. But before they leave, there's one more stop to make - the Great Wall of China.

Full Length Travel the Road Episode!

Episode 1 – “Age of Discovery: The Zambezi River”
A daring 450km journey down the Zambezi river brings Tim and Will to the majestic sight of Victoria Falls.  But before they can reach Africa’s largest cascade of water, they will face territorial hippos, alligators with a taste for human blood, treacherous jungle rapids, and witch doctors who despise their mission.  It is a journey of discovery, both of a remote river and the heart of man, as death is faced everyday and the message of the gospel is preached with every breath.