Season Four - DVD
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Season Four 

Missionaries Tim Scott and Will Decker return in Season Four of the award-winning series Travel the Road. Continuing their quest to carry the gospel to the most distant regions on earth, the two-man team explores and documents every corner of the globe as they journey from the tribal islands of the South Pacific to the radioactive exclusion zone of Chernobyl, and onto the savannas of Africa. But unexpectedly, in the Himalayas, their expeditions take a dangerous turn when they are caught in the middle of a 7.8 earthquake that rocks the nation of Nepal. Facing death and destruction, Tim and Will set themselves to helping those affected by the disaster and, through it all, they see the light of Christ shine brightly.

This nine-episode travelogue is a stunning view of remote cultures and an expeditionary journey that beckons to a bygone era. Filmed with gorgeous cinematography and heart-stopping emotion, Travel the Road Season Four is a journey and reality series like no other.

Episodes Included: The Earthquake (Two Parts), Chernobyl, Return to Africa, The Pacific (Three Parts), People of the Trees, Eternity

What you'll receive: Physical DVD