Season Two - DVD
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Season Two 

The award winning series that changed the face of Christian television returns with a bold new adventure in Travel the Road Season Two.

The journey continues as missionaries Tim Scott and Will Decker return home to America. We now find them struggling to adjust to life in Los Angeles where everything seems so foreign. After surviving a near fatal car accident, without a scratch, these two daring missionaries say a painful goodbye to those they love and once again journey into the unknown. Armed only with a backpack, a change of clothes and their Bibles, Tim and Will depart for the most dangerous and remote lands on the planet. From the prehistoric jungles of Borneo to the snow covered mountains of Tibet and through the warzones of Afghanistan, the guys encounter Taliban gunfights, Siberian blizzards, bandits and sacrificial burials as they risk their lives to preach the gospel.

The complete journey encompasses 14-episodes on 3 DVD's, featuring over 500 minutes of footage and hours of bonus material including: outtakes, maps, photo galleries and country profiles. *This series only comes in special design barrel roll design and no outer casing. 

What you'll receive: Physical DVD + Digital Downloads (14 Episodes)

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