Mission Accomplished

[youtube=] Burned 2 labs now loading back on Blackhawk. Wash from blades so strong nearly knocked us over.


Mission accomplished. Everyone safe. This operation occured near the border of Ecuador and Colombia.

Cocaine Lab in Colombia

[youtube=] This lab was seized and it was more advanced than labs in Peru. It included presses and ovens to produce cocaine chloride, which is the final product. After the video you see here, the lab was burned and coca fields were destroyed. One booby trap in the field was found and purposely exploded. Colombia produces 80% of the world's cocaine. This is a forgotten war, but necessary to fight. Addiction holds many people ransom and void of the gospel. In the word it says, "How can one hear without a preacher?" That is certainly true and it can also be said in our time, "How can one hear when high?"