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Survivor Just Found!!!

Tim and Will are on the ground and witnessed first hand this amazing survival story.  The images you are seeing in this story are from their daily report from Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Please follow along each day for new updates and KEEP praying!

In the worst hit neighborhood of Port-au-Prince a survivor is pulled after 14 days.  Details aren't clear as if he had any access to water, but he was extremely gaunt and had a badly broken femur bone when pulled from building.  The US military was first on scene to help, and with their quick reaction they secured medevac speedily.  The surviving man was surprisingly alert and responded to questions.  He was about 30-years old and taken to a military hospital, were he will most likely enter critical care on one of the floating military hospitals.  It is amazing to see the miracles of life here in Haiti and this is due to the kind hearts of people praying!  Your prayers make a difference and change lives!  Keep it up and keep Haiti in your heart.

Tim and Will of Travel the Road

From the front lines of Haiti.