Day Hunt - Into Jungle for more food.

[youtube=] Five mouths to feed and long distances to cross. We needed food for our journey because we would float at night.  We stalked the jungle for two hours before we had our first opportunity.  Then we got it!  Praise God!  One interesting story we were told from our guide was when we came to a mysterious small clearing in the jungle.  The guide got spooked and we asked him what was up.  He said, "this area is where a demon lives."  Then he told us the story of what the locals believe.  He said the demon will appear to people and trick them as he takes a familiar form.  Like someone you might recognize.  He will tell you to follow and then take you far into the jungle.  Once you are good and lost he disappears.  The guide also said if people say something bad the demon will tell the animals to go away and you wont have any food to hunt.  Strange thing is even the Christians hold onto this story and fear the demon.  Well, we all prayed to ourselves as we passed the area and rebuked the demon.  Let´s see what the greater will inside of us will do we thought.  One hour later we got a monkey, and then immediately after the monkey shot, a group of wild pigs came near us, which is very strange because after you fire everything runs.  Our guide thought that was very odd, but we all praised God for the harvest of animals and food to eat.  No demonic power can stand to the power of the Almighty!  Back at camp, after returned with our kills a small storm rolled through and a bolt of lightening struck 10 feet from us!  It was the loudest noise we had ever heard, everything went white, and smoke billowed out of the ground.  It gave us a scare, but we laughed about it and ten minutes later and packed up for our night float.  Brings to mind the scripture where Satan was cast out of heaven like a bolt of lightening.


Monkey meat very chewy.