Quick Update: TBN Interview in Peru

[vimeo 3461621] So why did we have to go to the tower for an interview?  Well in Peru, TBN Enlace didn't have a strong enough signal to broadcast live from their studios in Lima, so we had to drive up to the "hill of towers."  It seemed fine at first, but as we climbed the hills the road narrowed and looking over the edge there was a 1000 foot drop.  Sure we had been on a lot of roads worse than this, but the fact that the taxi drivers we hired had never made the journey before made us a little nervous.  They creeped up the hills, putt-putting around each narrow turn nervously licking their lips.  Once we got to the precipes we all let out a sigh of relief.  We then took some shots of the city as the Peru TBN got the set ready.

[vimeo 3461756]

The interview was cool and the creaking of the steel tower could be heard during the interview as the wind gusted.  The TBN team received us like family and all became a lot closer, especially after the drive up and down the "hill of towers."

[vimeo 3461784]

Night descent.  We were all dreading it and made sure to pray before we descended the hill.

[vimeo 3461868]

Dogs.  Didn't like the dogs barking in front of the car, and especially didn't want it to spook the driver into making a turn off the edge.  But we made it and the interview was a success.