Watching the Guatemala episode I was so shocked by how the Mayan sacrifices are happening today. Many people think Guatemala is totally evangelized, but seeing your episode showed another side of things. I am glad you could help the poor people in the trash yards and show us the hardships of people hooked on drugs. I want to watch all your episodes again and again. You are shining a light in the darkness...God bless you. — Mary

We have Christians from Vanuatu here who have gone out to the John Frum cult after we saw the episode you featured. We were able to show the Jesus Film in the pidgin version (the language of Vanuatu) and minister. 4 people from the John Frum group gave their lives to Jesus afterward. I am now equipping others to go also. — Clarry

I cannot tell you how blessed I am from the Travel the Road series. I really liked Chernobyl and the People of the Trees episodes and also the one about the Himba people. Actually, I love them all and record all the episodes on TBN. When I see you preach the Gospel in far lands and share the word of God with people in faraway places it touches my heart. Seeing the simplicity of the Gospel in action makes me want to share with others as well. Thanks for being a great example. — Manny

Once again, you guys gave a great and relevant monthly message [April newsletter - The Ancient Paths]. Before this read, my three doctrines were to love others, practice communion, and bring people into the fold. I'll now add on a fourth "ask for the ancient paths." False traditions are ploys that I have always been on guard against...I am so grateful to know and be apart of the ministry that follows truth, and trims off all the extra fanciness many churches are putting on the word of God. You guys do not add or take away from His message, but give it to me and the rest of the world simply. I pray, when the Lord uses you to give the truth to West Africa they will be receptive. — Alisia

I am so inspired by Travel the Road and with each new episode, you continue to spark a flame in my heart. Your character and pressing forward into the hardest areas and wars areas is amazing. You truly are taking the light of the Gospel into the darkest places. God’s protection is with you each and every day. Keep at it young men! Great is the reward. — Mark

Your monthly newsletters are such a kickstart for my spiritual life. There is so much that you hit right on the head and deliver it in a simple and easy to understand way. I love it! And I have been challenged to read my Bible more and seek wisdom and understanding from the Lord. Thanks so much for the messages they are a lifesaver! — Jacob

I am a new viewer from God TV and I never knew about “Travel the Road” until this year. It is amazing and I am so proud of you. The places you go and how you preach the Gospel in villages. WOW! Also, the way you present it in the 30-minute episodes is really well done. Thanks for making such a great show and a “real show” that shows what it is like on the frontlines. — Grace

Years ago I saw two young men doing the work that not a lot of preachers would do... But 2 young kids at the time. You were on late at night on TBN I believe? I think back in 2003...I had just worked an 18-hour shift and saw the show late at night...I was so impressed with what you were doing. And it seems like no one else will do what they are doing. I'm sure there are a lot of missionaries who are preaching God's Word...But not very many like how you do it...It's an honor to have y'all as friends. Brother's from another Mother! God's speed! And His Blessing  Be Upon You! Your Brother in Christ! — Michael

Watched the whole "Travel The Road" first season in two days. Passed them on to some missions-minded friends of mine. Praying for you guys during your time in Guatemala. Lord have your way! — Jennifer

My husband and I just heard about you guys tonight from a friend of ours and it's totally inspiring — thank you for showing the love of Christ and being led by the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel to the world ..."How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!" —  we're actually going on our first mission trip to the Philippines. God bless you guys — Rose

My name is Emily. I am 19-years old and love Jesus with all my heart. I am so encouraged to see the work the Lord is doing all over the world when I watch your series. The aroma of Christ is evident in your travels. Our world is thirsty for the living water. You speak truth in love, and your humility speaks boldly. May God bless you on your journey, wherever His Spirit leads you next! — Emily

Hello Tim and Will! I have been a big fan of your show for years, and I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work and for answering the call and following God's leading! Ever since season one, you both have been a big inspiration to my sister and I to pursue missions!  — Tiffany

Seeing you men work in the foreign field and helping people in desperate need really touches me. I cry at the end of all your episodes because they speak to my spirit. I wish I was younger and could go with you, but I am praying for you each and every day and I will support you each month. Thank you and God bless you! — Deborah

Thanks for continuing to make such great episodes! Your production quality is amazing and inspiring. I hope to one day take a longer mission trip to Indonesia and preach the Gospel in remote areas like you do. I will always be praying for you. Your friend and prayer partner — Kelly

Thank you, Tim and Will, for your ministry. Your influence in my life through your videos helped prepare me for God’s call to missions (I used to watch them over and over). The Lord now has me going to places I could’ve never imagined, to bring light where there is none. You are real missionary examples and encourage me to keep running my race no matter the challenges. — Char

Love it! [March Newsletter - Problem Solver] So insightful and revelatory. So true! Praying that you have a really blessed trip and time in the next few months, and ask our Heavenly Father to protect you, provide for all your needs and open doors for you, in Jesus' mighty name. Really blessed by what you do and love the shows. God bless you both with an abundant harvest of souls. — Emmy