Thank you, Tim and Will, for faithfully and boldly carrying out the work of Christ by literally being the hands and feet of Jesus in the most unreached and remote places of the world. I've followed your progress throughout the last 13 years since I became a new believer, and recently God put you guys on my heart to see what He has been doing through you….Tim and Will, you are the TIP OF THE SPEAR of God's Kingdom on this planet and you are spiritual Navy SEALs doing the most dangerous work for God's Nation and God's People - and like warriors, you truly enjoy what you do and the life you lead, not for temporal glory or fleeting freedoms, but for eternal souls...and putting your necks out for the sake of Christ in order that they might hear the Gospel of Eternal Life….P.S. As a Ukrainian, I appreciated the Chernobyl episode since it really touched my soul to see that you guys risked your health to go to my homeland's most dangerous region so that the Babushkas and the Dedushkas that returned to live there could hear the Gospel! You guys are truly my inspiration. Blessings in Christ Jesus — Slavic

I am touched by your episodes on TBN. I really loved the ones about the miners in Bolivia. But each and every episode speaks to my heart and makes me want to go out and preach the gospel to my co-workers who aren’t saved. I look forward to one day taking a mission trip, which I would have never thought about until I saw Travel the Road. God is good and I look forward to the plans He has ahead. Be safe, and may the Lord protect you on your travels. — Richard

Really inspired by you guys. I'm in Taiwan right now because of this series. Praise God! — Kenneth

I watched this show when I was younger. Tim and Will were one of the many people that inspired me to be a missionary. A decade later, I am a missionary to some of the darkest places upon the earth! Thanks Tim & Will! — Diejanay

I have been watching Tim and Will since I could remember. The hardships they have endured and the crazy things they have eaten in those foreign fields for the Gospel's sake is incredible. "Mountain of Death" and " The Source" is certainly among my favorites. I was amazed how Tim and Will in " The Source" were able to earn the authorities trust to allow them to go on the raids. This is a testimony to Tim and Will's character. Although I live in Canada, I have enjoyed supporting Travel The Road from time to time over the years, being I feel they are worthy of support...Tim and Will have touched many lives in many ways, no doubt.  — Mark

Thank you, brothers, for your selflessness in presenting Christ to the unreached. I'm currently evangelizing in South Africa and watching you guys preach to people of a total foreign language is really encouraging. May our God lead you to do even greater exploits for Christ until that blessed day.  — Jim

I have an insatiable appetite for documentaries. I’d watch almost every kind, but I always end up wanting/needing to know more. Then I came across your show, “Travel the Road” - it’s very unique almost unlike any other because at the end of every episode you always convey hope. The kind of hope that is only found in Jesus. You travel the remotest parts of the world and reach out to the most interesting people that I and others could’ve missed if it weren’t for you. You bring inspiration, love, kindness, and freedom (that money can’t buy) through the gospel message. How many times have you made me cry just by opening my eyes to people who so desperately need God. My brother-in-law once said, “the gospel has already been preached across the globe, so how come Jesus hasn’t returned?” I laughed at the time because I didn’t know any better. Now, I see there’s still so much work to do, so many people to reach out to and I thank you from my heart for showing it to me. God bless and be safe in your travels. — Cecilia

I came across your show one night and was blown away by its complete raw honest selflessness! I then looked up other episodes, and I can’t seem to get enough. Thank You for reminding us “To go out into the world” The show about the miners really spoke to my heart as my son is a miner. May God’s hand be on you both always, every day along His Road. — Claire from Idaho

I just watched the African trip you guys took. I loved it how you reach out to others about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how amazing it was to see beautiful animals in the natural environment...I love what you guys do and how you go to these amazing, risky places to share the love of Christ. Keep doing what you’re doing. God Bless! — E

Hi Tim and Will, I'm in the British Army so I'll be able to travel myself while sharing the gospel with my fellow soldiers and those the Lord puts on my path. I find it amazing how the Lord orchestrates our lives. I highly admire what you both do. I hope to one day to achieve even a fraction of what God has enabled you guys to do! God bless. Your brother in Christ — Tom

I just watched season one of your documentary which somehow showed up on our entertainment center this week after coming home from a conference in Kansas City. This has me so humbled by the hearts of these men, and the smile on their face in the most difficult of scenarios. I’m looking forward to purchasing more of these, as this has come at a timely season as this last year was my first mission trip to Yangon Myanmar, and my husband’s to the Philippines. Thank you so much for making this documentary!! So amazing! — Kelly

I first heard about you possibly 10-12 years ago when I picked up your first documentary at a local library. I was so intensely moved by your story that today it is part of my testimony as to what helped move my heart into action to "Go into all the world." I am now part of a ministry that travels to many different countries to spread the gospel and just 2 weeks ago returned from being with a group in Mozambique Africa. It is so exciting to be a part of spreading the fire of God across nations! Thank you for your hearts of compassion! God bless! — Rachel

I love seeing how God is using you to bring the gospel to very remote places on earth, places I never thought existed. Seeing the lives being touched by the power of God encourages me to support this ministry financially and through prayer. First time I heard about Travel the Road was through TBN where I'd watch some episodes and since then I loved it. Keep doing what you do in obedience to the will of God and may the Spirit of the Lord always be with you to guide and protect you. God bless you. — Diksha from Mauritius

Watching TRAVEL THE ROAD on TV from right here in Arua, Uganda. Thanks for the work of God. God is Good and we are to embrace His goodness by getting to the least. — Dramadri