The Active Life

The Active Life

Idleness is the great killer of purpose. Idleness doesn't always appear in the form of slothfulness or lazy behavior, but instead, it is usually brought about because of a lack of challenge. In our modern society we have striven to remove challenges from our lives to the point we have reduced ourselves to a mass of bored individuals that are unfulfilled. When a person lacks clear purpose they put forth the minimal effort and drift through life. Moreover, vices and outburst of anger become the norm to a person who is idle and there is a restlessness inside their heart, yet their outlet is for darkness rather than the light. But how can we expect anything different when we create for ourselves lives that do not challenge or press us into a true purpose? The jobs most people work are mundane tasks that repeat day after day leading only to more and more discontentment. We have created an idle society because we have removed any challenges and shunned risk-takers as social misfits. Most people follow the practice of materialism as a way to, if even for a moment, quench the discontentment they feel in the idleness of life. However, there are never enough things that can be bought that will fix a condition of the heart. (materialism definition: A tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort more important than spiritual values.)

Active Living: To live an active life you must be a person who acts upon their faith. It is terrifying for most people to cut away from the world that preaches materialism and comfort, but once you do, it will be tough to go back to a “normal” life. For example, many missionaries who return home from extended and even short-term journeys overseas are often times in cultural shock upon re-entering. This is because they have seen another world, lived life differently, escaped the rat race and are trying to articulate their feelings and new found perspective. For some, it is more difficult than others, but there is a feeling they all share of having memories and experiences of an active life. A life where purpose and the calling are of higher importance than material possessions and physical comfort. Active living is not attained through money or delaying for the right timing. It is obtained by taking the first step of faith and acting upon it. Here are some steps to help you in living an active life.

1.Minimize your worldly possessions and make your purpose and calling the most important.

2. Always be active and avoid the mundane. Say yes to new experiences that are in accordance with your calling and purpose.

3. Find like minded people who will encourage your steps of faith.

4. Don't wait for everything to be perfect. Go and do. If you fail, you'll learn a lesson how to do something better. If you succeed, than you know you are on the right path.

5. Value your time and don't waste it. Years can pass by if you don't remember that your time on earth is short.

Active living isn't just for missionaries, but for all people. Your calling could be totally different, but the path to achieve it starts by taking the same first steps of faith. Go. Follow the still small voice in your heart and trust the Lord even when you don't know what is ahead. Abraham, Noah, Moses, David, Samuel and all the great men of the Bible followed the same path of faith...and you can too. There will be challenges along the way, but they will be overcome through faith. Be bold, be strong and live an active life for the Lord!