Making A Difference

We would like to share some testimonies that have touched our heart and show how the Travel the Road series is changing lives. These testimonies are because of your prayers and continued support.

Travel the Road has been a huge blessing to me. It's been very inspirational and paramount in my heart's turning towards missions and what God is doing around the world. I tear up sometimes just watching Travel the Road because of the grandeur of their ministry, of their travels and preaching of the Gospel to the unreached. -Garrett

Hey Tim & Will, I just want to thank you guys for all you do... it’s crazy guys, I've watched almost all of your episodes, and every time my heart cried for the nations... every time.. every time... I wished for that... to be like you guys... to experience the radical change a nation has.. when the Holy Spirit is poured out... God has been faithful in my desire... I Started my Discipleship Training School 6 weeks ago... I graduated high school...God is amazing... I sit at my desk writing you this.. as I prepare to go to Nepal in a month... wow guys.... how is this possible... it’s awesome... I'm going to be trekking to a village called GP in Nepal.. I'm going to help with the rebuilding of the village, and then after a 1 1/2 months my team is going to go to the more jungle areas of Nepal and disciple the people there... God is good.... just want you guys to not give up hope.... because you guys awakened my eyes... showed me how radical our Savior is... and after I decided to follow wherever he wanted to take me... look where I'm at! - Jonathan

Travel the Road is a game changer. I first started watching the episodes on Netflix when I moved to Haiti over a year ago. Tim and Will's faith, obedience, and perseverance throughout their adventures have motivated me to continue on with boldness in the task God has for me as a missionary in the third world. Their passionate hearts for building the Kingdom, no matter the cost, serves as a constant reminder that following Jesus, although not easy, is beyond worth it. Travel the Road has also expanded my heart for the nations and has sparked a deep desire to travel the world to share the love of Christ. - Jamie

My name is Josiah and I am 22 years old. I was born into a christian family, and my Sister was a missionary in Central America. Growing up around other ethnic groups caused me to be exposed to different people groups in the United States. I enjoyed watching "Travel the Road" on the Christian TV station with my family sometimes. As my teen years went on I watched the show too, then after taking my faith more seriously around 17 years old I got inspired by the show to pursue missions myself. So, shortly after I turned 18 I was on my way to Peru to be a missionary where I am currently serving. This show has inspired me to reach those who have not heard the gospel, who have not yet responded to the Gospel, and it's inspired me to count my life nothing compared to knowing Christ and his riches.  - Josiah

We recently had Christian television installed and I saw your show. I was so overwhelmed to see what God is able to do through you in the most remote places. Praise the Lord for your hearts and your desire to go where others haven’t. It brings you back to what Christianity is all about, telling everybody about Him. Thank you for sharing your stories and for answering the Lord’s call to go out and preach the gospel. It has greatly inspired me to share my faith more earnestly to those around me and to pray for those that are doing it out there in the world. - Natascha

My wife and I have been so blessed by your faith and tenacity for people and God’s calling. We were especially moved and changed when we watched the RWANDA EPISODE. All those bones in the church building, the oppression but yet those precious souls praised the Lord. We wept bitterly and we now want to go on missions, something we’ve wanted to do for years. We will start blessing you financially soon. You both encourage us so much and refreshed us to go and do what God has planned for us. We lift you both in our prayers every day when we have our devotions. You guys are so young and yet so inspiring even to us older generation. Blessings, your friends and partners - Victor and Carmen

Dear Tim, Will, and Travel the Road team, My name is Kate. I recently stumbled across the first few seasons on Netflix, and having been on the mission field three years ago through YWAM, the show caught my eye. These past few years I have been in the U.S., but desperate to go back out and reach those throughout the world. I’m sure you receive many emails like this, but I felt compelled to send one anyways. Thank you for all you’re doing. During this time in my life I am eagerly seeking how I can be of use in missions and how to better pursue my passions, and watching the show has reminded me what I am made for. Thank you for continuing to encourage, bring hope, and open eyes! - Kate

As you can see from these testimonies, the fruit of Travel the Road is real and changing lives. Our mission statement is to: Preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth and encourage the church to be active in the Great Commission. Travel the Road is a small organization in size, but large in global impact.