A Missionary's Salary

A Missionary’s Salary

Tips on Raising Financial Support

A while ago we posted on our Facebook asking what was the biggest obstacle in your way from going on mission. The number one response was finances. At Travel the Road the only way we are able to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth is by your financial partnership. We don’t have normal jobs in America where we pull a monthly salary or have a 401K waiting for us at home, but we do have eternal joy knowing that we are sowing into the life to come. This message will hopefully encourage you to be bold in your pursuit of missions.

So how do you raise monthly or one-time donations? The simple answer is: you ask. This is one of the hardest things to do in a society where working hard and “bringing home the bacon” is imprinted in your mind from such a young age. In order to do full-time missions or even part-time missions you have to have other people willing to bless you financially with what they have been blessed with.

How do you ask? The best way to ask for financial support for missions is to write a “support letter”. A support letter is a simple, one page letter describing what you will be doing or feel called to do and how to partner with you financially and prayerfully. The shorter and more to the point these letters are, the better. With all of the outlets we have (mail, social media, e-mail, etc.) it is easy to take this letter and publicize it. Not only can you mail this letter to friends and families (even random people you meet throughout day to day life) but you can also post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter while adding hashtags and tagging friends.  While asking for donations, make people apart of your journey; encourage them to be active in the Great Commission exactly where they are. It takes the whole body of Christ to accomplish this task and a part of that is finances.

Now, how do I receive their donations? If you are going through a missionary organization (such as YWAM, New Tribes, etc.) than they probably already have a system set up so check with them first. However, if you are going outside of a structured missionary organization, than you probably have no “official” way for them to donate. This is where the Internet is such a blessing! There are numerous sites that will help you receive money, share your page on social media, and show progress, etc. These sites are amazing for personal missionary funds and help a lot with publicity. Here are just a few to get you started:

www.gofundme.com - this is an excellent site that not only holds your money for you and helps you promote your page easily to all your social media sites. GoFundMe also sends your donors a tax-deductible receipt! The only con is that it takes 5% of your total raised amount for using their services. So factor that in to your total amount needed.

www.youcaring.com - this is also an excellent site that is very similar to GoFundMe. YouCaring also takes 5% of your amount raised, but not all donations are tax deductible. Some are and some aren’t, depends on each personal case and for what cause. 

www.paypal.com - In order to receive money on PayPal you must make a PayPal account with your e-mail address. You can then direct your donors to the PayPal website where they simply type in your e-mail and the amount they wish to give. We recommend PayPal for monthly donors and full-time missionaries. Paypal does not cost anything but also does not give out tax deductible receipts. It is simply someone putting money straight into your personal bank account. 

Another way to raise funds for a short or long term missions trip is to sell your things! If you know you are going to be gone long-term, then sell stuff you will not be able to use or take with you. Possessions aren't bad to have but if they are going to rot away in your parents home while you are gone for months or years, sell them to raise financial support. There are also a bunch of other fundraising tactics. Garage sales, creating a product to sell, and selling t-shirts, etc. Get creative and think of ways to raise support. 

Another way to maintain support or receive continual support is to keep your supporters up to date on what the Lord is doing in and through you. Send out monthly newsletters, have a blog, write to them, etc. Share testimonies with them about the Lord's hand in action so they can hear and see the fruit of their giving. Make them apart of the journey you are on with the Lord.

And the final tip: pray and persist! The Lord wants to be apart of your entire trip! Long term or short term, missions is a life of faith and even from the beginning we have to walk by faith and trust the Lord will provide.

 “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and he shall bring it to pass.” (Psalm 37:5) 

We must act in faith by sending out support letters and fundraising, but we must also trust that when we act in faith, that He will provide. 

How can we receive if we do not ask? How will they believe if they have not heard? In order for the unreached to be reached, we must ask for financial and prayerful support. The Lord says to ask and receive! (Malachi 3:10, Matthew 7:7) Why wouldn’t the Lord want to provide for you to take His name to those who have never heard? Don’t let fear take away your faith in Him. Do just as the verse says and commit your ways to Him. Act in faith and He will bring it to pass. Ask, pray, receive.

We have been so blessed by all of you who have financially supported us here at Travel the Road and pray that you will continue to in every way. You have become a part of the Travel the Road family and truly play a vital part in the Lord’s move throughout the world. Without you we could not commit our entire lives to preaching the Gospel to all creation. So many people who were once unreached have been reached with the Gospel through your generous donations and prayers. Thank you so much for all that you have given. May God continue to receive all the glory!

Travel the Road