The Impact of Travel the Road

As we reflect on the years that have passed since we first began our missionary journeys in 1998, we are so blessed to read the dynamic testimonies of how people have been impacted by Travel the Road and thus chosen a life of missions. Most striking is the fact that many youth who grew up watching Travel the Road, since it first aired in 2003, are now young adults and making the decision to become missionaries. This is exactly what we set out to create and accomplish with Travel the Road. Our goal has never been to build anything tangible like a building, training center or physical structure, but to build up and inspire the hearts of believers to live a bold life for the Lord and show them the possibilities of a missions life. Everyone’s mission field is different, someone’s might be in their own backyard, or it could be leading short-term trips to Haiti, or it could be living long-term in Sudan and helping people with physical and spiritual needs. No matter the calling, we praise God that people are encouraged and inspired to live out their purpose and that Travel the Road played a part in making it happen. Our hearts are full of happiness as we continue to see the seeds that were laid long ago spring forth into wonderful fruit. Here are just a few testimonies that touched hearts.

I first heard about you possibly 10-12 years ago when I picked up your first documentary at a local library. I was so intensely moved by your story that today that is part of my testimony as to what helped move my heart into action to “Go into all the world.” I am now part of a ministry that travels to many different countries to spread the Gospel and just 2 weeks ago returned from being with a group in Mozambique Africa. It is so exciting to be a part of spreading the fire of God across the nations! Thank you for your hearts of compassion! May you be encouraged and strengthened today in Jesus’ Name! God bless!

- Rachel

Hey guys, I used to watch you often about ten years back on TBN. During that time I was locked up in prison and seeing your travels and the great work that you have done for the Kingdom has been a huge inspiration to me. It motivated me so much so that I too sought after becoming a missionary. Ever since I was a young boy I always had a desire to travel the world when I became saved I saw how God had been cultivating that desire for the nations even from an early age. Your shows and story of serving The Lord has been a part of that cultivation. God has used your testimony not only to reach the foreign nations but also those here at home. There are many raising up to the challenge of taking the gospel forth into the world

I thank you keep serving!!! God bless

- Elijah

Tim and Will, I give thanks to God that I can call you guys my brothers in Christ. You guys have been a strong inspiration for me and my family. The first time that I saw Travel the Road God spoke into to my life and since that time my brother and I have been traveling the road as well. We have gone to Honduras, and on the 18th of April are on our way back, and to Dominican Republic on August 11. To GOD be all the glory! That’s why my family and I are proud to be part of your ministry.

- Elvin

My name is Kris K. and I live in Southern Illinois. I just recently discovered your show on Netflix and every episode I watch I find myself praying for you guys more and more. My wife and I are currently answering a call to foreign missions. We have no idea where God wants us to end up, but seeing these people groups and how much darkness surrounds them we know that God has a place picked out for us already. By the way I just watched the “Sky Burial” episode this morning before church and after watching that my sense of urgency has grown and continues to do so. I have been to Tanzania and spent 6 months in Estonia and Latvia and there is no greater joy than seeing someone come to Christ. We will be praying for you guys daily that God will continue to bless your hard work. Just wanted to let you know that your ministry has affected me profoundly and I will forever be grateful. God speaks to me every episode I watch.

God bless you guys.

- Kris K.