Travel the Road Testimony!

I just stumbled upon Travel the Road on Netflix and I can't stop watching.Precisely a year ago a guy named Caleb Bislow came and spoke at my youth group about going to the dark, dangerous, and despised place to share the gospel. It was then when it truly hit me that I was going into missions for the rest of my life. I'm on the journey and right now I'm attending college and recently I've been easily discouraged. And these past few weeks the Lord has relit that fire within me and reminded me that His plans for me are SO much greater than my wildest dreams. I'm continuing to live out my God-sized dreams and it's so encouraging watching Travel the Road! I love being reminded that we have the same Father and He lavishes His gifts and love on all of us, I feel I'm watching my own dreams being played out and I know that my time is coming soon! and I love celebrating and rejoicing along side you! I love love love what ya'll are doing.. keep furthering His Kingdom! I will be continuously praying and interceding for Travel the Road!


Lindsay Z.

So encouraging to hear how the Lord led you to Travel the Road on Netflix to relight that fire in your heart for missions Lindsay! We are so encouraged by your big dreams and desires for the Kingdom. May the Lord continue to guide you on this amazing journey in Him! Many Blessings! 

In Him,



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