Q&A Part 2 with Travel the Road

Of the places you have NOT been, where are you most looking forward to going to?

I would say that there are certain countries in West Africa, especially places like Nigeria and Ghana, that we haven’t even had an opportunity to go to yet, and we’re really looking forward to getting over there. West Africa is definitely a new territory for us, and we want to be able to pioneer it sometime in the future.

Will you come to Canada?

We definitely have a desire to go to Canada on a mission, and I’m sure that one day we will get there. A lot of people would say that Canada is a western country and not in need of the Gospel, but that isn’t true. Up in the northern regions, especially with some indigenous tribes of the area, there’s a high rate of alcohol abuse, suicide (because of the region that they live in), and other issues. We have a strong desire to work there. Also, we’ve actually traveled through Canada before, but have never gotten to the people groups in the far north yet. We’re praying and hoping that in the future we’ll be able to get there.

Not a major question, but it always puzzled me, the time that Will fell off the truck… why did he fall? How long before his memory recovered?

The reason William fell off the truck is because the loading truck he was in was zooming back after the food drop delivery and got out of control trying to avoid a food bag on the road. Will was sitting at the back and then when it swerved it pitched him from the vehicle at nearly 40mph. You can see some of the food sacks that fell out as well. When we were editing that piece, we were showing the broken food sack to also show how violent Will’s fall was. It took him about a day and a half to recover his memory, but it was just for certain things. He never had total amnesia. We prayed for him immediately after that, and we weren’t worried.
It was funny because Will couldn’t remember the name of someone we had met in a previous village. He thought that he had lost that portion of his memory, but when he asked me their name I couldn’t remember it either, so we just chalked it up to forgetfulness. The next day, he started to recover and was totally fine. We realize, however, that it’s one of the things that you face when you’re a missionary. You just have to move on and trust in God’s healing power. Will has no effects to this day.

How did you get started on your mission and who had the idea to film it?

We got started in missions because we heard the calling on the inside and took action upon that calling. We documented our first steps on this road in episode one of Season One. Additionally, William has a wonderful testimony how he came to the Lord highlighted in that opening as well. He wasn’t even a believer at the time of our first journey (pre-television series) and it just shows you how fast God can work on someone.
As for the idea for the TV series…Well, we took a long missionary journey from 1998-1999 before we even documented or imagined the first season of Travel the Road. We were gone for one-year overseas. That’s where Will became a believer, and our calling was refined. When we got home from this first journey, we saw so much need in the world and grew discouraged by the lack of missionaries on the field. This lack, inspired us to think of ways to encourage others to go out and preach the Gospel to those who were in need or cut off from the message. As we started to brainstorm, it was the Spirit of God that lead us to the idea of documenting our journeys and sharing them with the rest of the world. When we went out on our next journey, we took a camera along, but didn’t know what would come from it. This Gospel Expedition and the documentations we captured became Season One. For 18-months we filmed and ministered overseas. Then, when we got back, we decided to put together a pilot television show and present it to TBN. TBN loved it and picked it up! Now, here we are today… almost 50 episodes and 4 seasons later! We are blessed to see the impact around the world Travel the Road has made and it is a blessing to see how many have made the move into missions because of it. God is good!