Fruit of Travel the Road

We would like to show some of the first testimony responses to the new episode--People of the Trees.  We are so grateful for the support and prayers each of you has given and we look forward to many more great missions like the Korowai Journey.


Dear Tim & Will:

OK, we watched the video a couple of days ago:  Josh, Luke (my youngest), Nicole and I. I cried. I was weeping. I truly think it may be the best episode you've ever produced, and that is saying a TON!  Honestly, we all loved it.  You were doing exactly what Jesus told us to do:  Going to the most unreached, preaching Jesus to them and getting them saved--WOW!  It's like showing a prescription to every believer:  "This is what Jesus told us to do--let's go do it!"  It was amazing.  All of us count it a privilege to be one of the first to view it.  We are so proud to call you friends and brothers!  Luke told me "Dad, you know, I feel like I've known these guys my whole life, even though i've never met them.  I follow them on Instagram and love their photos."  This is impact--on a 17 year old!  We all just love y'all, that's all! All for Jesus!

Dr. Wagner


Hi Tim and Will

My wife and I just watched this episode together. It is awesome! I am so grateful for what you guys do continually to reach the unreached, and tell the untold. What blessings you are to the Kingdom of God. We love you and Will so much. Your friendship has impacted our lives and blessed us tremendously.

Pastor Kenny


Dear Tim and Will,

Incredible!  Awesome!  That was amazing. What a blessing your ministry is. You travel so far to reach those never reached before.  I am so thankful to be a part of that.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to reach the People of the Trees.  I was moved by their open hearts.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for sharing.  You are a blessing.

With Love,



Greetings in HIS name!

I am honored and humbled. I watched immediately. It is excellent – as always. Once again, you have inspired and encouraged me. I was moved to tears when the most remote group came to Christ. So beautiful! And leeches. Of course! I wanted you to know that I was thinking of you for several days in September when we were trekking in Nepal delivering the Gospel to Sherpa people and flicking leeches off us left and right. What a joy to be called and sent to deliver the Good News of Jesus to people at the end of the earth. Keep up the Good Work, dear brothers!

For HIS glory,



I just finished watching the episode and I have tears running down my face. This is the most powerful episode for me ever. It is quite a remarkable story. You could see so much in their eyes and could really get in touch with the love of God. I felt God's love so much through this.  At the end I loved seeing the whites of their eyes. You could tell they were changed. I loved the old man at the end. I wanted to hug him. It moved me. You guys are just made for this. It is what you do.  

Love you boys,



So with these great testimonies, we thank each of you for making this possible and bringing this program to broadcast. Moreover, next month People of the Trees will be airing around the world on TBN and DayStar, so the impact will be even greater. It is only with your partnership that Travel the Road is able to reach the world with the Gospel.