Aspects of Life: Part One - Security

We would like to begin a new series about the three major aspects of a person’s life. They are: Security, Health and Spirit.  Let’s dive right in, starting with the one that is given the most attention in our society -- Security.  A clearer way to identify security in the cultural reference to it is: the pursuit to secure happiness and comfort in life through the abundance of possessions.  In our society today, we have thankfully advanced beyond the basic necessities of needing food, water and shelter to be secure in life.  These are common needs that are not given a second thought, as they are expected and in plenty supply for the vast majority living in the western world.  Our needs and wants for security have, instead, now evolved into the needs for better objects.  Hence, the pursuit and dedication of most people’s lives for this cause.  In our estimation, the time and dedication given to Security, Health and Spirit breaks down like this: Security = 80%, Health = 10%, Spirit = 10%.  These numbers are generous towards Health and Spirit, and more likely than not, Security dominates 85-90% of most people’s lives.   

People everywhere sacrifice their health and spiritual life for the advancement of inflated security needs.  This obsession with better security includes the desire to get a better house, better car, better phone, better clothes, better everything without an end goal to what will bring true contentment to life.  There is nothing wrong with having better stuff, but when it is the sole focus, with no purpose, you have gone adrift.  Think about this for a minute: A person works a job, or various jobs, and puts in 30-40+ years of labor with the mythical thought that one day they will be free of that labor to pursue the better life in retirement.  They have worked their whole life for material things, yet think, one day it will all change.  It is common to hear such a person say, “Once I am retired, I will do all the things I have dreamed of.  I will travel, help the poor, spend time with my children, and really live life.”  The problem is, by the time they get there, they are old and disinterested by those pursuits, because they are institutionalized to live the way they have been living for so long.  They are too tired to hop on a plane and travel halfway around the world, and most likely, they won’t get to spend as much time with their children as they think, because they have raised them to be a part of the same crazy rat race.  In short, the life deferred strategy is a myth.  It is a myth because it spins the false tale that the pursuits of materialistic security will one day lead to a happy life.  Sounds grim.  But it is the truth.  Sure, life like this may not be void of any happiness, but it will also be filled with regrets.  In this, we are not suggesting that everyone needs to live like a vagabond and renounce all materialistic things, nor are we suggesting to never work at a job, but we are saying, judge yourself and make sure the life you are living is for more than just accumulating objects.  For in it, you will suffer a wasted life.  Luke 12:15 Then He said to them,  "Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions."  Money is only a tool to help you achieve your purpose.   Make sure you think about the end goal of life and what it is that you want to accomplish.  If you don’t know, then you haven’t given it the thought or the time, and that needs to change.  Ask yourself these questions: What is the most important thing I want to accomplish in life (be specific)?  What am I working towards at my job or career (make sure you are happy with it, because you are paying for it with your time)?  Why am I not achieving or taking action on my purpose now (what are the fears that are holding me back)?  What level of security can I live without and still be comfortable in life (examine the trade-offs that it is costing you to maintain what you have)?  What does my Spirit say about my choices so far in life (your conscience is the voice of the Spirit)?   

For our life, Timothy and William, we can only give you the perspective from what we have experienced since we made a conscience choice to follow a different path.  We, too, grew up in the same materialistic pressure and lifestyle obsession that demands a person’s life and time.  We rejected it, because God called and we followed.  How did he call us?  Through His Word Mark 16:15.  The only thing we had to do was follow Him.  Your path might not take you on the mission field, but God has called you for something more than the rat race of false security found in materialistic pursuits.  Perhaps He is stirring you now as you read this?

Since we made that decision in 1998, we have traveled to 101 countries, created over 50 episodes of Travel the Road to encourage a new generation for missions, witnessed the power of God in thousands of salvations and healings, been brought through wars, genocides, disease infested regions and lands unsafe...all without any harm.  We have stood upon the mountain tops of the Himalayas, Trekked across the swampy jungles of Papua, Indonesia and looked out at the star-filled skies of Mongolia while staying with the Reindeer tribes.  We have lived life to the fullest in Him and worked with diligence for a purpose we know to be good.  We serve the Lord and are happy in Him.  We are only 36 and 40.  We say this not to be boastful, but to potentially show those who are young, who are reading this, that there is more to life than the pursuit of materialistic objects.  We own nothing, yet we have everything.  Our lives are free because we are not trapped by the costs of this world.  We are free in the Lord to accomplish what He has put in our hearts, and in the end, He has taken us to places we would have never dreamed in 16 short years.  

The greatest lie the world is telling you now is to set your dreams so low that getting a new car, home, or short vacation is the best thing you can imagine.  There is a marvelous life waiting for those who have faith to follow it.  It does not mean you have to sell everything right this moment, but you must first let go of everything that owns you, to be molded, and find your true self in Him (Matthew 16:25).  Your life passes by so quickly.  You must choose what you will follow.  Search your heart and do what is right.  You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. To those who are bold, may you take hold of it now and begin the adventure in Him.  

In the coming months, we will highlight the other two aspects of a person’s life: Spirit and Health.  With the balance of all three aspects, life can be in tune to accomplish great things for the Kingdom.