Internship for Travel the Road

Travel the Road Internship Program

Travel the Road is looking for a very special group of designers/social media interns who would like to join our team.  We're looking for content creators who want to use their skills in social media and design to inspire a new generation for missions.

You will be joining a small, diverse team at one of the most exciting missions based organizations that has a goal to change the world.


Who can apply?  If you have proficient skills in Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Vimeo, Mailchimp, web design, growth hacking, or are a designers who love to create stunning imagery...then you are a perfect fit.  If those aren't your thing, but you have a strong desire to serve we are equally in need of a research assistant and project go getter for various promotion aspects of Travel the Road.  


Why should I Join?  Well, not everyone can serve abroad and some are called to do amazing and wonderful ministry efforts with their computer and imaginative skills.  You will be on the forefront to inspire the church to be mission focused.  Your work will be seen daily and affect thousands, if not millions of people.


How do I apply?  Applications are currently being accepted.


Can I live anywhere and do this internship? Yes. Absolutely. This is a remote internship.


How long is the internship?  Ongoing.  Our first intention is to only bring on non-paid interns and then further down the road, as we work together and develop your skill sets for TTR, we'll revisit the opportunity to work on a paid part-time contract basis.  If you are looking for paid work right away this isn't for you.      


If you are interested, then compose an email addressed to with the subject line Internship.


Write a brief description about yourself and send some reference work to show your skill sets.