August 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Greetings in the Lord! We are now on the island nation of Vanuatu and conducting missions around the interior and various islands. We have made great contacts with the local churches and are very active working with remote tribes.

We have undertaken many missions and have many more to come. One mission in particular in the weeks ahead is to the island of Tanna where various tribes worship figures from European history and cults dedicated to the worship of mythical American figures. In one such tribe, they believe that Prince Philip of England, who is the husband of the current Queen, Elizabeth, will one day come to Tanna and reveal himself as the living God to the village. Another tribe worships and waits for a man named John From. This worship of John From stems from World War 2 when, mysteriously, cargo boxes filled with US military supplies rained down from the skies in the 40's shocking these uncontacted peoples. So, as a result of the mysterious packages from the sky, they began to worship John From America. They throw various sacrifice into the active volcano they live near as they wait for John From's arrival, and even though this group is now in contact with the outside world, they still carry on with these beliefs. Please pray for open doors and open hearts!

Over the years, we have sought out the most remote and dangerous areas in the world to bring the gospel to, and these current missions are no different. We strive to bring the word of God to those who do not know him, and we know the path will be filled with many opportunities.

Your prayers, support and words of encouragement mean so much, and as partners of the gospel, we are grateful you are sharing in these gospel expeditions. One day we believe we will finish the work and have, at last, brought the gospel to all mankind. But if this generation is to accomplish that important task, we must support the work of missions. Your partnership is needed more than ever as we reach out to remote peoples, and the lasting effect is one that is eternal! If Travel the Road has been a blessing to you, please consider partnering with us so we can be a blessing unto others. We write this letter from the islands in preparation for our mission to Tanna and send you greetings and blessings. Peace be with you.

In Him,

Tim and Will