Aprill 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Greetings in the Lord!  We pray that each of you is well and having a wonderful spring.  It is a time of year where we remember the day our Lord paid the price for our sins and then was raised from the dead overcoming the power of the enemy.  In Him, we are victorious!

This month we would like to share a brief look at the upcoming episodes soon to be released on TBN called, “The Source.”  This four part series is a deep look into the world of drugs and how it destroys lives and cultures.  Over the course of five months in South America, we were engaged and moving with military units in Colombia and Peru and working closely with ministries focused on helping recovering drug addicts.  Additionally, we were able to minister and share the gospel with known drug traffickers and bring light into darkness.

Our calling to places, such as the source of drug production, stems from the idea that no one is too far from the gospel and that the impact made through the word of truth can change lives.  We find it so important to seek out the places where evil exists so that it might be exposed and through the light of the gospel—be defeated.  In Acts, the Apostle Paul had a calling when God spoke to him saying, (Acts 23:11) “Take courage; for as you have solemnly witnessed to My cause at Jerusalem, so you must witness at Rome also.”  Paul was sent on a mission to go to the source of an influential world power and speak the truth of the gospel.  In a similar way, we felt the calling to go and speak of God’s cause at the source of the drug war and be a witness in a dark land.  Paul arrived in Rome after many dangerous encounters (shipwreck, assassination attempts, defenses before rulers), but he did arrive, and it says in the last verse of Acts (28:31) that Paul was… “preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching concerning the Lord Jesus Christ with all openness, unhindered.”  We also faced many hardships and moments of danger on our missions in South America (terrorist ambushes, narcotics lab seizures and dangerous travel), but we also arrived at the place God wanted us to be, and we were also able to preach the gospel unhindered!  You see, when God calls, no forces of power of this world can stand in the way of making you arrive.

In your life, God has also called you to do special things.  Every person is different, but God does have a purpose for you.  Know it, believe it, and watch God get you there.  There might be challenges and tough times, but you will arrive! As we prepare to release these next episodes, we are also at another point of challenge.  In this moment, it is not life threatening danger that we face, but the danger of not having enough financial resources to complete the task at hand.  This is where we need your assistance in prayer and finances.

Like always, we know that God will get us to the point of where we arrive, but Travel the Road isn’t just a ministry of two, it is a ministry of many, and you are apart of it.  We all want to arrive together and see this new series impact many for the kingdom, so please consider giving a monthly or one-time gift to help accomplish this!  Together we are accomplishing much, and we need your help more than ever.  May the peace of God be with you and bless you in every way!  We look forward to receiving your letters or support via our website www.traveltheroad.com.

*As a note, due to new banking regulations in the United States, it is important that if you are mailing in a check made out to Travel the Road that it is spelled as Travel the Road.  Name acronyms such as a check made out to TTR cannot be deposited.  Thank you for understanding, and thank you so much for your giving heart!  Many Blessings!

In Him,

Tim and Will


PO BOX 3330

Monument, CO 80132