March 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Greetings in the Lord.  We hope and pray that each of you is well and that the Lord is blessing you in every way.  We cherish your prayers and support and are so blessed to have a partner like you.

This month we would like to discuss the unusual activity of the global situations occurring and what it means for us as believers.  In Japan the death toll is in the thousands after the 8.9 earthquake and violent tsunamis devastated the nation.  Failed nuclear plants and public shock have left Japan in their worst state since WWII.  The Middle East and North Africa are in total rebellion as citizens rise against dictators.  Scores of protesters are killed and radical elements now position themselves to take control in the vacuum of power.  These events have all seemed to happened either overnight, or over the course of one short month.  It is amazing how quickly things can change and how uncertain and insecure our world really is.

The fragility of life and the possibility of dramatic changes on a global scale is something we are witnessing now.  In these situations most of us have not been directly affected, but as we witness these unfolding events, it begs the question, “Where do we put our trust?”  Or better yet, “Where do we put our faith?”

Oswald Chambers once said, “we all have faith in good principles, in good management, in good common sense, but who amongst us has faith in Jesus Christ? Physical courage is grand, moral courage is grander, but the man who trusts Jesus Christ in the face of the terrific problems of life is worth a whole crowd of heroes.”

It isn’t enough to put our faith in God when the going is good, because one day you will certainly face a situation where life is turned upside down.  This doesn’t mean we should live in fear, but it does mean we should know and examine where our true security is.  When we have the word of God as truth in our hearts, we know that we are over-comers in Him (John 15:7).

When we are over-comers, we perform legendary acts for the Lord because our faith and trust is in Him.  We aren’t bogged down by the fears of this world, but transcend the normalcy of thought and move into a realm of pure faith.  This means selfish desire and fears of loss are no longer part of the equation.

So how do we get to the point where our true security and trust is in Christ?  “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17.  If you build yourself up on the holy word of God, it will become truth inside of you and you will know exactly where your securities are—In Christ.

Here are a few quotes to keep in mind:

-Worry is a total waste of time.  It doesn't change anything.  All it does is taint your mind and steals your joy.

-You can't have joy without peace, and there is no peace without God.

-Those who have faith need no explanation, for those who have no faith, no explanation is possible.

-The antidote to frustration is a calm faith, not in your own cleverness, or in hard toil, but in God's guidance.

-No God, No Peace.  Know God, Know Peace.

At Travel the Road we see the fast changing events of the world and look to make a difference.  Thousands die daily without the word of God, and it is important to be on the front-lines delivering the message of the gospel to all mankind.  Your support in prayers and finances allow us to achieve this.  Not only are we able to go to the ends of the earth and to countries in need, but we are able to show the life changing message of the gospel in action through the Travel the Road television series.  With each episode that airs we hear the testimonies of how it has impacted viewers, and it is because of your support that we are able to broadcast and create new episodes.  Your partnership is needed more than ever as we set out to do more gospel expeditions and broadcast season 4.  We look forward to receiving your letters of support and prayers of encouragement.  We love you dearly.  Peace be with you.

In Him,

Tim and Will


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