Episode of the Week! 7 Days in Somalia: Part Two (Full Length Episode)

[vimeo=11932756] Episodes 8 – “7 Days in Somalia: Part Two”

Firefights, clan battles, Al Qaeda terrorists, and one of the most dangerous lands in the world is what Somalia is know for, and it is with little surprise it is one of the most unreached countries for the gospel. Accepting a mission to such a place puts Tim and Will in a position of all or nothing, but in their hearts they know it is worth it. As they land on a small airstrip outside of Mogadishu, the memories of the US “Black Hawk Down” incident, where 19 US service men gave their lives in fierce urban combat against warlord factions, come to mind. With the US withdraw in ’93, Somalia has now become a lawless nation and without a working government. Tim and Will speak carefully about the gospel, as one false move will cost them their lives, and as they go deeper under the cloak of Islam all hell breaks loose. After nearly being caught in a street-side gunfight, and later the assassination attempt that leaves a friend injured with gun shot wounds, the guys are pleaded with to evacuate Mogadishu or face being hunted down. This is gospel work on the frontlines where life and death hangs in the balance, but no soul is too far from the kingdom.