In Him Realities


In Him Realities


Book - 204 Pages

Introducing In Him Realities book. Knowing and understanding who you are in Christ Jesus is a paramount and foundational teaching every believer needs to know. Find out what Christ is accomplishing for us at the throne; what he accomplished at the cross; and what the word of your confession can accomplish in your life now. Also study the identification between Adam (the old man) and Christ Jesus (the new man). Know what it means to stand upon the word of God by realizing your authority in Christ. In Him Realities is a fantastic, Word-based resource to sharpen your spirit and awaken your heart to a new life IN HIM. 

by PhD Alan Scott

Book Highlights (over 180 pages):

1. What Jesus is accomplishing for us now at the Throne of God.

2. What God has obtained for us through the redemptive work in Christ.

3. What God has achieved in us through His Word in the new birth & infilling of the Holy Spirit.

4. What God can achieve through us or what His Word can accomplish through our mouth. 

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