The Beginning  

Travel the Road, the television series, burst onto the scene in 2003 and premiered with a resounding success.  The goal with this new series was to capture the raw and authentic stories of missionaries, Timothy Scott and William Decker, as they set out on Gospel Expeditions to the most remote and unreached lands of the world.  

True Reality

Travel the Road is as real as it gets.  There are no camera crews or rescue teams to bail the missionaries out when things get tough.  The series is entirely filmed and documented solely by the two missionaries who only travel with their backpacks, bibles and a desire to reach all mankind with the Gospel.


“No one is too far from the Gospel,” is the creed of Travel the Road, and this has taken Timothy Scott and William Decker, literally, to the ends of the earth.  From the war torn streets of Mogadishu, Somalia to the Leech infested jungles of Borneo, Malaysia; the passion of Travel the Road is to reach those who are cut-off from the Gospel or to those who have never heard it.  The adventures documented in the Travel the Road series are visceral and exciting journeys to lands few people have ever seen.

Raw and Unrelenting

Highlighting the the realities of the world is something Travel the Road has never shied away from.  In each of the seasons of Travel the Road, there are documentations of events that are raw and powerful.  From the Tibetan sky burial sacrifices, to the post-earthquake scenes of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti - Travel the Road shows life as it is to inspire viewers to action.  


Travel the Road has produced over 50 episodes, in four seasons, and is now broadcasting around the world on: TBN, Daystar, INSP, Netflix and many more networks.  The goal with the series, is to grow the audience each year, and reach more people with the message of the Gospel.

Remote Tribes

Working to reach people around the world, where contact with the outside world is limited, is our modus operandi.  We feel most at home when trekking through the Himalayas, ministering in remote monasteries, or navigating the jungles of Papua to reach a nomadic tribe.  We believe that people, living in distant areas, are not too far from the Gospel.  Over the years, as we have ministered in these regions, we have seen overwhelming results of people groups coming to know Jesus as their Lord.

Changing Lives Through Media

The impact of Travel the Road is undeniable, and since 2003, the series has played a major role in encouraging Christians everywhere to serve in missions abroad and even in their own communities.  

How is Travel the Road Funded?

To document, produce and broadcast Travel the Road, we are entirely funded by support raised through donations.  Travel the Road is a 501-c3, non-profit ministry, focused on delivering the life-changing message of Jesus to all mankind. Become a partner today and join the team.


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