SUMMARY:Malaysia is an interesting paradox between fundamental Islamic beliefs and an enthusiasm for technology and new innovation. Street markets swarm with industry and hoards of contemporary goods. In the evening, night markets are the ideal place to stock up on imitations of popular clothing brands and anything else you may ever need while traveling. Although Malaysian cities are tremendously modern and tech-oriented, traces of Islam still exist underneath the surface. Due to the strong Islamic influence, the government is extremely opposed to the spreading of the Gospel.

COUNTRY PROFILE: Full Country Name: Federation of Malaysia Area: 329,750 sq km (204,445 sq mi) Population: 22 million Capital city: Kuala Lumpur (pop 1.2 million) People:: 50% Malay, 33% Chinese, 9% Indian, plus indigenous tribes such as Orang Asli and Iban Language:Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese dialects, Tamil, indigenous dialects Religion:52% Muslim, 17% Buddhist, 12% Taoist, 8% Christian, 8% Hindu, 2% tribal Government:Parliamentary monarchy

MONEY & COSTS: Currency: Malaysian ringgit (dollar) Relative cost: Budget meal: US$2-3 Budget room: US$5-10

Tourist Visa: No visa is required for the first 3 months If you're on a budget, you can get by with US$15-20 a day by staying at inexpensive Chinese hotels, eating in local restaurants, and traveling mainly by bus TRANSPORTATION: Whether you are traveling by plane, train, bus, or taxi, Malaysian forms of transportation have become easier and more convenient than ever. Thankfully, all modes of transportation between cities are reasonably comfortable. Air travel is obviously most expensive, followed by taxis, buses, and trains.

RELIGION: Religion is a major part of the Malaysian lifestyle. This is evident by the large number of mosques, temples, and churches throughout the country. Although Islam is the official religion, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and many other belief systems are practiced.

CALL TO MISSIONARIES: Malaysia is a beautiful country, yet there remains an urgent need for the saturation of the Gospel throughout its people. Because Christians in Malaysia are increasingly under threat from militant Islamic extremists, prayer is not only crucial for the protection of their lives, but also for their freedom to worship and impact the country for Christ.